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Available for: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini | iOS 5 or higher

Light Painting App for your iPad

Lume is the most advanced light painting app in the App Store. Draw mind blowing light paintings on your iPad!

Instead of using a camera and real lights you can simply draw with your fingers and get beautiful light paintings with the most natural quality around.

Get Lume by Lichtfaktor


You don‘t need to be a talented painter to have fun with this app. Even very simple drawings like a heart or some words look brilliant right away.

Simply create a personal birthday invitation with it, tell your partner how much you love them or create a light painting protrait of yourself to use as your facebook profile picture.

Or simply draw sketches for planning classic light paintings.


Impressive Light Brushes

We put all our knowledge and experience in this App and developed a very powerful and high quality 3D brush render engine with the most natural look available.

All the light brushes in this App are based on our real lights used in our works. As a result the drawings created with Lume have the same brilliance as natural light paintings. We are really proud of the result and hope that you will like Lume as much as we do.



Natural Render Engine

Our self created Natural Renderer Technology enables the most beautiful look.

Pimp your Photos

Add beautiful light paintings to your favorite photos or simply draw the outlines of a photo to create awesome light painting portraits.

Share your paintings

Share your light paintings on Twitter, Facebook, Email or save them to your photo album.

Retina Display Support

Your paintings will look sharp and brilliant even on retina displays.


We at LICHTFAKTOR love to do light painting and want to share our passion with you.

We are a group of media artists. Over the years we have produced various well known, award winning light painting films and photos.

For us a high quality of the light sources and drawings has always been a very important challange. We have experimented with numerous different light sources, modified them and applied all kind of optical filters and lenses.


Check out our works on our webpage at

Thank you to all our fans supporting us for such a long time. Stay tuned – there is more to come…


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